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Barbie® having a Bad Hair Day! What's a girl to DO!

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The Doctor's In!

My name is Sherri Rhein. I have collected and loved dolls for most of my life and Barbie® most especially! In all that time, I have learned a thing or two about repairing and customizing Barbies. My intent for this webpage is to share information - I am not in the repair business nor am I claiming to know all the answers but I know where to look and who to ask!

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This is where the fun begins ;-}

Way back when -- I was speaking with a friend of mine who was telling me about her Barbies®. She said that she only had a few Barbies®. When something would happen to one of them, her mother would send the injured doll to the Doll Hospital! She said several times over her childhood, her Barbie® dolls would be sent away to be returned to her good as new. This started me thinking along the lines of repairing, refurbishing and customizing these older and played with Barbies®. So this web page is dedicated to this idea.

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Most Common Older Barbie® Doll's Simple Repair

Simple Customizing


Example of Changing Hair color with Ink

  • Tropical Splash Barbie

    I love the Tropical Splash face and makeup...I was just tired of all the blonde hair :-{ So I took a Jumbo Black Sharpie ink pen and gave her black hair!!! Worked very well - but just DON't get her hair wet! The ink is dry but has a tendency to bleed on everything if you get is wet again. So all styling has to be done before you color it!

    Examples of Rerooting Hair

  • Swirl Barbie Enchanted Evening Reproduction Ponytail Barbie rerooted as a Swirl Ponytail Barbie
  • Number #4 Rerooted Ponytail Barbie - all she had left was her bangs!
  • MOD Era Hair Fair Rerooted Barbie She was total lose as far as her hair goes and she had very white face. The Pantone pens brightened her face and I love the way the white curly hair turned out!
  • MOD Era TNT - Rerooted in Titian Barbie She had wonderful color and great face paint - just no hair!


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Disclaimer: This web page is not my JOB - I have other full time work. It is a labor of love. If you email me, it may take awhile for me to get a response to you - please be patient. I do welcome questions and repair tips that you wish to contribute.


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